Where Can I Get Images for My Shopify Store?

If you’re new to designing a Shopify store, you may not know where to find compelling images. Sure, you’ve got your trademarked logo and pictures of your products. Yet, there’s still something missing from your page. It needs some relevant, attractive, and engaging photos to spruce things up. 

There are many reasons why you should use images for your Shopify store. 

They will make your shop appear more professional. Not only that, but they can break up boring walls of text. Images are a must for any professional e-commerce site and any website in general. That’s why you need cost-effective and reliable sources for stock images. 

If you’ve asked yourself, “Where can I get images for my Shopify store?” Then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn our picks for the top stock photo sources as well as the benefits of using them. 

Using Shopify Burst for Free Stock Images 

Our first pick is Shopify’s official source for stock photos. Burst is an entirely free platform with thousands of stock images. Every image is royalty-free and high resolution. 

Burst makes use of a global community of photographers. That’s why their library of images is so extensive and diverse. 

You can find all sorts of interesting, well-shot photos to use for your Shopify page. Burst began to help designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers everywhere. Burst isn’t just for Shopify, either. Anyone is free to take advantage of the photo library. It’s a fantastic resource for images to use for your Shopify store. 

How do you download photos on Burst? All you need to do is select which type of resolution you need. Burst has both low res and high res versions of each image. Low res photos are ideal for tiny web graphics and thumbnails. The high-resolution images are for everything else. You can use them for your header, footer or break up walls of text. 

Pro-tip, as a courtesy to your photographer, go ahead and credit their work. Doing so will help draw exposure to their portfolio, which is a lovely gesture. It’s by no means mandatory, but it’s a great way to help out the photographer that took your stock image. 

Anyone is free to contribute to Burst as well. If you have some high-resolution photos you’d like to see put to use, you can upload them. 

There’s a wide variety of categories on Burst. They have everything from office work to world travel, fashion, and many more. You shouldn’t have a problem locating photos that are perfect for your Shopify store.

There’s also a search bar you can use to pinpoint photos that are specific to your niche. 

We highly recommend taking advantage of Burst to find photos for your Shopify store. The images look fantastic, and the platform is 100% free. To see Shopify burst’s collection of photos visit this link.

Premium Option: Adobe Stock 

If you use Adobe Creative Cloud, then you should consider subscribing to Adobe Stock. If you find that you have higher standards for your photos, then Adobe Stock is well worth it. What is it? It’s a subscription-based stock photo service that integrates with the Creative Cloud. 

If you’ve been using programs like Photoshop and Illustrator to work on your Shopify store, you’ll love this service. 

It allows you to import stock photos to your designs right into your favorite Adobe program. There are no third-party services involved, and you don’t have to import any large files. It’s well worth the membership cost if you already use the Adobe Cloud.

You gain instant access to over 60 million stock images. They’re all royalty-free, high resolution, and very professional. There’s even a premium collection that has high-end photos as well as 3D models, stock videos, and more. 

Adobe Stock is the most comprehensive stock photo service on the market. There is a membership fee, but it’s worth being able to access so many free photos. To get access to premium stock photos, check out adobe stock at this link.

Benefits of Using Stock Photos on Shopify 

Okay, now that we answered the question, “Where can I get images for my Shopify store?” Let’s look at the main benefits you’ll enjoy from using stock images. After all, you may wonder why it’s worth making an effort to find photos for your store. Here’s why it’s worth the effort:

  • Breaking up walls of text. If you’ve got a lengthy description of your business, you need to break it up with photos. It’s tough to retain readers’ attention when there aren’t any visual elements. Well-placed images can help break up the monotony of reading the text portions of your store. 
  • High-quality images are professional. You’ll add a lot of credibility to your business by using high-res stock photos. The pictures you’ll find on Burst and Adobe Stock were all shot by world-class photographers. Customers will perceive your company as being as attractive and professional as the photos they see. That’s why it’s imperative to use modern, high-resolution stock images shot by real photographers.
  • A lot of variety. Platforms like Burst and Adobe Stock have gigantic libraries of photos. As a result, you’ll have a wide variety of images to use on your Shopify store. We recommend mixing things up as much as you can. More variety will add more visual appeal to the layout of your store. 
  • Cost-effective. A lot of stock photo platforms are entirely free to use. Burst is 100% free, and the photos there are top-notch. Other services such as Adobe Stock only charge minimal rates. Because of this, stock photos are the most cost-effective way to decorate your page. 
  • Reliability. There’s nothing like knowing that you have instant access to as many images as you’ll ever need. You’ll see that you can always use Burst or Adobe Stock to quickly populate it with photos if you’re adding a page. 

Where Can I Get Images for My Shopify Store? ( quick video )

Closing Thoughts 

Now that you know the answer to, “Where can I get images for my Shopify store?” What are your thoughts? Is your page missing engaging stock photos to entice your customers? Would a few well-placed images really complete your online store? Then we hope that you can use this guide to find appealing and relevant images for your storefront. To see our comparison between top stock photo companies AdobeStock and Shutterstock visit this link.

If you want to see a list of our top recommended Shopify apps visit this link here.

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