What to sell on Shopify( the most popular products)

Are you looking to open a new store or have an existing store and don’t know what to sell? Having an online store can be difficult, especially when choosing which products you are going to sell. In this article, we will list the most popular items on the market to sell, so you can focus on just running your business.


Doormats are one of the best-selling products online. They are great for removing dirt and grime from shoes before someone enters a house. Some indoor mats are great for soaking up moisture, so you don’t damage your floors. Uniquely designed Doormats could sell extremely well online. Think about making a doormat with a funny saying or high-quality materials to stand out from the competition.

Bluetooth Speakers

Blue tooth speakers are hot on the market right now. People love to listen to music, and being able to bring your music with you wherever you go is fantastic. If you can deliver quality sound to consumers at an excellent price, tons of people might buy your speakers. In addition, if you were able to carve out a niche with waterproof speakers, you could build a successful business. A floating Bluetooth speaker would be even more interesting, as it would allow people to enjoy their music while in their pool.

Dog Beds

Pet accessories have skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple of years. The market has shown us that people love their pets and will always make sure their pets are comfortable and happy. Dog beds, in particular, are trendy because people want to give their pets their special place to sleep. Unfortunately, dog beds can sometimes grow a foul odor, So if you’re going to stand out, make sure to sell odor-resistant beds. In addition, You would also want your dog beds to be machine washable.


Bookends are a pair of supports used to hold a row of books upright by placing one at each end of the row. These bookends can come in a variety of different styles and colors. The demand for quality bookends has risen as people look to spruce up the look of their bookshelves. 

Magnetic Eyelashes

If you are into beauty and cosmetics, then you heard of Magnetic eyelashes. Magnetic Eyelashes have grown in popularity because it makes putting on eyelashes super simple. To put on the eyelashes, all a person has to do is apply the magnetic eyeliner to their eyelids. Then the magnetic eyelashes will stick to the eyeliner. People have noticed this process is less messy than gluing on eyelashes. You can take advantage of this trend and sell magnetic eyelashes at a great price.

Temporary Tattoos

People are starting to take a liking to temporary tattoos because they are painless and are not permanent. Temporary tattoos are great for people who want to try out a tattoo before getting a permanent one. Imagine being able to wear any tattoo you want and be able to change to another whenever you get tired of a certain design. These Tattoos are easily applied by just adding water and pressing the tattoo design on the body. While browsing social media, you could find a bunch of people talking about temporary tattoos. Social media marketing is essential when selling temporary tattoos as they are popular with the youth.

Phone cases

Everyone you meet probably has a cell phone, so it’s understandable why phone cases would be a top-selling product. Phones can be so expensive, so people want to make sure their phone is protected with a sleek and stylish phone case. If your phone cases have unique designs, they could sell very well. Make sure to make phone cases for the most popular phones, such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, because more people own these kinds of phones.

Detox tea

Detox is a 50.9 billion dollar market. Health and fitness have always been very popular, and Detox is excellent for those trying to stay healthy. Detox works by clearing the body of toxins and harmful compounds. Losing weight can be difficult, and people are consuming these detox teas to jumpstart their weight loss journey. Influencers could be a great marketing channel for your detox teas. Selling organic teas could also drive your sales as organic products are becoming increasingly popular.


Shapewear is undergarments that give women a more slimming look. Who doesn’t want to look fantastic in their clothes? Shapewear has taken the market by storm as more and more women are seeking them. It’s essential to market your shapewear through woman-owned blogs and influencers who can promote your product to your target audience.

Laptop accessories

Laptop accessories have sold consistently year over year. People need accessories like laptop stands, chargers, HDMI cables, and laptop cases. Make sure you are making accessories for the most popular laptop brands so you can generate good sales. The laptop accessory niche will always be strong as technology continues to grow


Athleisure is a type of clothing typically used for working out that is also suitable for casual wear. Common athleisure wear includes yoga pants, sneakers, and sports bras that look like gym clothes. Athleisure has become a fashion trend in the past couple of years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Smart Watches

Smart watches have shown consistent growth in the last couple of years. These smart watches have increased functionality like controlling your phone, accessing apps, and monitoring your heart rate. Although this industry is dominated by big companies such as Samsung and Apple, there is an opportunity to sell cheaper watches to people who can’t afford premium smart watches.

Get started Dropshipping

If you haven’t already we think you should check out our dropshipping guide here, it will give you a bunch of helpful tips when starting a dropshipping store. We recommend an app called Spocket for all your dropshipping needs. Spocket is an app with access to tons of great suppliers in the US, Europe, Canada, Asia, and more. It pairs perfectly with Shopify, as you can add new suppliers to your store in just a few clicks. It’s an intuitive app that’s very easy to use, and it’s an excellent source for suppliers. Spocket currently boasts the highest reviews among all the dropshipping apps. 

Critical features of Spocket include:

  • Speedy shipping times. Keep your customers happy with lightning-fast shipping. You can say goodbye to month-long waits forever with Spocket. It also works with other apps like Oberlo, Shogun, and more. You’ll enjoy quicker shipping times and lower prices than other options such as Etsy and Amazon. 
  • Access to the highest discounts. Competition is fierce, which is why you need to feature the best prices. Luckily, the products on Spocket feature 30-60% discounts. The low prices will do a lot to help you stand out amongst the crowd. 
  • Auto-updating inventory. Spocket will auto-update your merchandise without you having to raise a finger. That means you’ll never sell out-of-stock products. Your products will be available and ready to ship whenever you need them. 
  • One-click orders. All it takes is one click to complete an order. Spocket will take care of the rest so that you don’t have to worry about it. 
  • Real-time order tracking. You’ll always know where your orders are to avoid confusion and delays. Your customers will also have access to this information. That will do a lot to reassure them that their product is on the way and will arrive shortly. 
  • Branded invoicing. With Spocket, you don’t have to sacrifice your branding when dropshipping. Your invoices will contain your logo and brand images, which will make your brand more recognizable to your customers. 
  • 24/7 customer support. You’ll never have to wait to get an answer to any question when you use Spocket. 

As you can see, Spocket has a ton of unique benefits. If you’re new to dropshipping on Shopify, then Spocket is a must-download. Its myriad of features will do a lot to save you time and money, to get this awesome app click here

What to sell on Shopify ( quick video )

Try Shopify for free

If you are interested in Shopify and want to try it out, Shopify is offering a 14-day free trial here. The free trial is great because you get to see how Shopify works before committing to one of their monthly programs. If you decide to start the free trial, you can pick up right where you left off when you switch to the monthly plan. If you’re looking to grow or start your online business, this is an excellent opportunity to try Shopify.

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