The Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps

During the pandemic, the US has witnessed an 18% increase in internet users. That number continues to rise because people depend on online shopping to get what they want while reducing their risk of getting COVID. Now, what does that mean for you?

By now, you have probably built an amazing Shopify store to reap the profit from online shopping. However, to keep inventories running smoothly, you will need a bespoke dropshipping app. In order to get that, continue reading to find the best Shopify dropshipping apps to keep your store thriving.


Spocket meticulously evaluates its suppliers to provide a marketplace with high-quality items. Because most of their suppliers are in the United States, Europe, and Canada, you can expedite orders to clients in these regions.

They also negotiate with suppliers to get savings for businesses. That means they can guarantee users a 30% profit margin on all purchases. They have automatic order fulfillment capabilities, which makes them perfect for Shopify users. To try out Spocket visit this link here.


Oberlo offers a product library from which merchants can choose and sell items. Sellers can add products to their Shopify stores and make orders with suppliers using Oberlo.

It charges a fee depending on the number of items listed by the seller. It has a free plan for sellers with less than 500 products. Its subscription plans start at $29.90 per month for 10,000 products and go up to $79.90 per month for 30,000 products. 

Modyst catalyst

Modalyst allows you to integrate items from its marketplace into your Shopify store. When you import a product, it immediately populates your shop with inventory information, photos, product descriptions, and price. 

Its marketplace comprises fashion accessories and clothing. However, they do sell some home items, cosmetic products, and gadgets as well. Modalyst requires its suppliers to adhere to a flat-rate delivery policy or provide free shipping on all items. 


Printful is a one-of-a-kind dropshipping business that enables you to develop your own designs for garments and sell them directly on your website. It makes and sends each order as it is received. You are not required to buy your designs in advance.

Printful fulfills orders from California, North Carolina, Mexico, and Europe, which expedite fulfillment submitted from these locations. There are no monthly or setup costs, and all expenses are limited to the cost of items, printing, shipping, and taxes. To try out Printful visit this link here.

AliExpress dropshipping

AliExpress dropshipping apps on Shopify enable retailers to import products and place orders in a semi-automated manner. This app also offers a Chrome extension that simplifies the process of adding products to your shop. You may import and change product details while browsing with the Chrome extension.

The app’s cost is determined by the number of products you list on your site. Each level of pricing gives you access to more Shopify dropshipping suppliers. For instance, on the free plan, you are limited to importing items from Appfreaker Supply.


This app enables merchants to generate money through dropshipping and Amazon affiliates. Spreadr allows you to import items from Amazon to your Shopify store and then dropship or promote them for a commission.

You should be aware that Spreadr cannot be used to populate a full internet domain. To be eligible for this app, you must first populate your website with unique items, articles, or reviews. Apart from this free plan, premium options vary from $5/month for the Basic Plan to $60/month for the Jumbo Plan.

SMAR7 Express

SMAR7 Express integrates very well with AliExpress, enabling you to import items with a single click. Product descriptions, photos, and other variations are all included in these imports. You can request that SMAR7 Express locate suppliers for existing goods in your shop. 


Although Automizely integrates with other platforms, it is designed particularly for Shopify customers. With Automizely, you can pick from dozens of dropshipping items and begin selling online immediately. It offers a free trackable delivery service across the United States.

It allows you to automate your pricing strategy. It’s easy to establish a price listing depending on your desired profit margin. It also has a bulk product editor and one-click Shopify import.

Inventory Source

Inventory Source can offer your items in various marketplaces, like Shopify, Amazon, ebay, etc. It supports over 20 different eCommerce platforms, providing you with more flexibility and customers. It also gives you access to over 180 pre-integrated suppliers and lets you add your own.

All product data is submitted instantly and integrated with inventory synchronizing. This app does not charge any middlemen fees; instead, you just pay a monthly membership fee.


Syncee is’s dropshipping technology partner. It provides the greatest business-to-business dropshipping solutions. It contains millions of items from reliable suppliers and an easy one-click purchase procedure.

With Syncee, the order process is completely automated, which simplifies the management process. You may also pay the provider directly using this app, either through PayPal or a credit card. Here are some excellent characteristics of Syncee:

  • Locate items and suppliers globally
  • Uses DataFeed Manager for product and inventory management solutions
  • Automatically download and update items
  • Assist customers in locating items and merchants 
  • Conduct an artificial intelligence-based product search
  • Integrate with SFTP, Dropbox, and Google Drive 

Syncee offers a free subscription that includes 50 items. Paid subscriptions begin at $ 19 per month and contain more features.


DSers enables mass orders to be processed in minutes. It is completely automated and capable of processing 100 AliExpress orders in a short period. After the warehouse imports items from AliExpress to your shop, the app allows you to modify all product descriptions and configure the delivery methods. 

Its distinguishing characteristics include the following:

  • Unlimited orders and providers
  • Bulk Order
  • Straightforward product management setup
  • Suggestions for affordable and superior vendors 
  • Manage multiple Shopify stores from a single account
  • Automated tracking and synchronization of the shipments

Dsers has various pricing plans. The most basic one is free, which allows you to manage a maximum of 3000 products. The standard plan is $1.99 per month, which lets you manage up to 7,500 goods. 


This app’s core marketing industry is fashion and apparel. However, you may customize various product categories, including phone cases, cloth bags, shoes, cooking utensils, and accessories. Their POD software is trusted by approximately 200,000 Shopify businesses and consistently generates favorable comments for its robust features, superior quality, and high performance. 

The program integrates with third-party sites like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. This is an entirely free program to download and use. You are not required to pay monthly fees or have access to a restricted number of items. 

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a term that refers to the practice of selling products online. It is a technique of fulfillment in which the seller does not maintain inventory of the product. 

When a consumer places an order, the retailer forwards the customer’s purchase and shipping information to a third party. The third party is either the manufacturer, wholesaler, or another store, which sends the products to the customer.

The Benefits of Dropshipping

The global dropshipping market is around $122.3 billion in 2019. It has reached $149.4 billion in 2020. What does this tell you?

It means that dropping provides something unique that a lot of other businesses don’t. Here is the list of benefits that shows why dropshipping is more beneficial than other online business ventures:

Save Time and Money

One of the primary benefits of dropshipping is that it does not require a huge investment and time commitment. You don’t have to buy inventories in bulk or risk having no sales. You are only charged for the product after the customer has purchased it. 

Easy to Handle

Since you are not responsible for purchasing, storing, maintaining, or shipping the item, creating and operating your business is easy. This also frees up time and resources for shop design and product promotion.


Your company does not have to be in one location. You can work at your dining room table, near the pool at Cabo San Lucas, or in a tent. As long as you have access to the internet, a positive relationship with your suppliers, and the ability to interact with your consumers, you can enjoy the open road.


When purchasing inventory, it is more convenient and cost-effective to acquire items in bulk. However, you can sell as many different items as you want at no additional costs with dropshipping. If you have the time and resources to list them on your website, you can sell them.


With dropshipping, the bulk of the job is delegated to the suppliers. Obtaining those sales will involve effort, but your workload will remain constant even if your business doubles in size. 

How to Set Up Your Shopify Dropshipping Store?

You’ll need to design an attractive website with a unique brand. You will also have to improve your order fulfillment process as well as establish trust with prospective customers. The following are the steps in setting up a dropshipping store on Shopify:

Establish Your Brand

Developing a solid brand instills trust in your shop and distinguishes you from the competition. Creating a curated assortment of items on your website is an excellent method to develop your brand. 

Don’t just fill your website with hundreds of items. Evaluate the audience you want to attract and choose the product they would like to purchase. Create a visually appealing site for your shop with a blog. 

Include A Dropshipping Application

After you’ve chosen a brand identity for your dropshipping business, it’s time to stock it. Finding a reputable dropshipping software is one of the simplest and most effective methods to add items to your dropshipping store.

By using a Shopify dropshipping app, you may get access to an inventory of drop-shippable items, import them to your site, and handle orders. Look for an app with positive ratings and investigate the features. Look for automated functionality or one-click order fulfillment.

Place an Order for Sample Products

On your website, you should strive to sell only high-quality items. That is why we suggest that dropshipping merchants purchase sample goods for every product they want to sell. Ordering sample items enables you to conduct quality checks and track the time it takes for a product to reach your consumers. 

You may also include your sample items in your own professional product photography. While ordering sample items may appear inconvenient at first, but it’s a safe choice in the long run.

Purchase Products Directly From Suppliers

After deciding on the products to offer, it’s time to import them into your online shop. Your dropshipping app’s easy-import capabilities will most likely come in handy for this phase. 

Check to verify whether your app supports inventory tracking and pricing synchronization. Otherwise, you must manually alter your inventory totals and price to reflect any changes.

Add Custom Information to Products

You should design your own product descriptions and graphics for your online shop. Creating unique content benefits your site’s search results and helps your consumers understand your items better. Plus, using your own product pictures provides your site with consistent designs, which helps to establish your brand identity.

Establish Your Store and Commence Marketing

Once you’ve created a well-designed website that has high-quality items and consistent branding, you’re ready to go! Launch your website and begin promoting it using social media platforms, Google, and email. 

Which Product Should You Dropship?

There are several items that you can dropship, like clothing, accessories, household utensils, auto components, and digital products. It’s hard to say in exact words, but here are some factors to consider:

Well-Known Labels

Labels for products should be well-known and recognized. This will ensure that your consumers have no doubts about the quality of your products. It will also be easier to provide them with many reviews from previous customers.


You should offer compacted items. This will help you reduce shipping expenses and avoid potential disasters associated with the shipment process.

Specific Niche

If you operate a small dropshipping business, concentrate your efforts on a single market. This can help grow your store’s brand recognition.

The Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps ( quick video )

Learn More About Shopify Dropshipping Apps

After reading the information above, you must be wondering, “how to choose a Shopify dropshipping app?” Now, that depends on your preference. The best advice is to try the apps we listed above and determine which one is suitable for your business. Dropshipping can be complicated at first, but once you master it, the money will come to you. To see our article on how to do dropshipping on shopify follow this link here.

For more great content to help you develop your Shopify strategies, check out the rest of the merchant posts on the site. If you want to see a list of our top recommended Shopify apps visit this link here.

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