Should I Hire Someone to Build My Shopify Store?

While Shopify provides a built-in website designer that’s easy to use, not everyone has time for it. If you run a busy brick-and-mortar business but want to sell online, you might not have time to build a site. If this is the case, then you may ask yourself, “Should I hire someone to build my Shopify store?”

If you genuinely lack the time or knowledge to build a site on your own, then it is a good idea to hire someone to build out your Shopify store. Hiring someone to build out your store can make starting a business less of a hassle.

Hiring a Shopify expert to make your website can also have some great benefits. There are many ways to do this, which is what we’ll cover in this article. Read on to find out how you can identify the best Shopify expert for your business. 

Who Are Shopify Experts and Why Should I Hire One?

A Shopify expert is someone that has a vast amount of experience with the platform. They know how to create a Shopify store that’s 100% original complete with lots of features. There are also a few different types of Shopify experts, including:

  • Expert Shopify developers
  • Shopify setup experts
  • Shopify marketing and SEO experts
  • Shopify design experts 

You’ll often find experts that have all these traits wrapped into one package. Sometimes Shopify experts can operate as a team. On average, a high-quality Shopify expert will cost around $500. Bear in mind; that rate is for them to develop and design your Shopify store only. If you want someone to run, update, and manage your store continually, you’re looking at more fees. These fees can be worth it if you choose seasoned experts that will increase your sales. Top-ranked experts can boost your marketing efforts as well. It’s all about finding the right expert that can give you the most value for their rate. 

Where Can I Find a Shopify Expert?

So if you know for sure that you want to outsource your Shopify development, it’s time to look for an expert. You can go about this in several different ways. In general, Shopify experts are usually freelancers that work online. There are also professional Shopify designers with original websites. To find a Shopify expert, you can employ several different strategies.

Online Searches and Top-Ranked Lists

A simple tactic you can use is to conduct several online searches. You should search for things like ‘the top-rated Shopify designers.’ That way, you can find lists ranking their picks for the highest quality Shopify experts. This technique can yield quick and successful results. Yet, if you want to find a particular type of expert, other methods will work better. If you’re on a time crunch and need a five-star Shopify developer, hit up a search engine and see what you find. 


As previously mentioned, most Shopify developers are freelancers. As a result, many of them call Fiverr home. You can find thousands of Shopify experts on Fiverr. A significant advantage of using the website is that you can be as specific as possible. Do you need a Shopify marketing expert that specializes in SEO? You can find one in just a few minutes by using Fiverr. 

Another big plus of Fiverr is the ability to compare prices and reviews on the fly. Their platform makes finding the best Shopify expert a total breeze. Ideally, you want a Shopify expert with a near-perfect rating and an affordable price. Remember, a general Shopify website design should cost no more than $500. Exceptions can occur if the expert provides genuinely exceptional work. You should also take a look at their portfolio to see examples of sites they’ve worked on in the past. That will give you the best idea of whether or not they’re a good fit for your business. If you are interested in hiring a great Shopify expert click here to go to Fiverr.

The Shopify Expert Marketplace

Shopify even has a resource you can use to find Shopify design experts. If you’re brand-new to website design and have no clue what you’re doing, hiring a specialist is a great idea. You can also use Shopify to find experts to help you troubleshoot issues. 

Let’s say that you hired someone to design your site for a one-time fee. Everything works great for a month, but then your ability to process payments goes down. Since you didn’t create the site, you won’t know how to fix it. That’s when you should head over to Shopify’s expert marketplace to find a specialist to help you. If you need someone to help you with your site click here to go to the Shopify expert marketplace.

Why Should I Hire Someone to Build My Shopify Store?

Okay, so now that you know how to find an expert, you may be wondering why you should bother. Well, there are a lot of benefits involved in hiring experts to build your store. Here are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy from hiring experts:

  • It saves you time. We already talked about busy shop owners that want an online presence but don’t have the time to build a store. Well, they’re not the only ones that will benefit from saving time. Being able to delegate tasks to your designers will free you up to focus on more important things. It will also save you the stress of having to deal with it on your own. 
  • Excellent quality of work. When you hire a true expert, you’ll get a site that looks great and attracts customers. Conversely, if you tried to design a store independently with no experience, the results will be less glamorous. Expert developers also know how to create sites that operate smoothly for users. 
  • Enhancing your customers’ experience. A Shopify expert will know which apps will benefit your customers the most. They can also tweak your store to cater to your customers’ needs. Since your user experience will be so high, you’ll attract more customers as a result. 

These are only a few of the advantages of hiring a Shopify expert to build your website. If you find the right expert, you’ll profit from outsourcing the design and marketing process. 

Should I Hire Someone to Build My Shopify Store ( quick video )

Breaking it Down 

We hope that we’ve answered the question of, “Should I hire someone to build my Shopify store?” If you lack any development skills and have no time, then you definitely should outsource it. A seasoned Shopify expert can add lots of value and advantages to your online e-commerce site. If your looking for some general tips for creating a Shopify store click on this link to view our guide.

If you want to see a list of our top recommended Shopify apps visit this link here.

Try Shopify for free.

If you are interested in Shopify and want to try it out, Shopify is offering a 14-day free trial here. The free trial is great because you get to see how Shopify works before committing to one of their monthly programs. If you decide to start the free trial, you can pick up right where you left off when you switch to the monthly plan. If you’re looking to grow or start your online business, this is an excellent opportunity to try Shopify.

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