Selling themes?: why you should become a Shopify theme developer

Shopify’s theme store is a place where you can sell your dynamic website templates to business owners. Do you have the coding skills to create great user interfaces? If you do, this article will give you some excellent information on this great opportunity.

Selling Shopify themes can be very profitable, and you should become a Shopify theme developer. With over 1million users, there is a significant need for great-looking Shopify themes.

Throughout this article, we will talk about Shopify Theme Development and why you should become a developer. Read on to find out why selling Shopify themes could be an excellent opportunity.

Why you should take up Shopify theme development

As Shopify grows into the leading e-commerce platform, there will be considerable demand for Shopify themes. That’s where you come in; you could use code to make Shopify themes for Shopify’s over 1 million users. Since Shopify has so much website traffic, there’s a chance many people will see your website design.

 Once you gain the knowledge on how to develop themes for Shopify, you could also start your own business as a freelance developer. In addition, popular websites like Upwork and Fiver have many people looking for Shopify templates. As a freelancer, you can set your work hours and set the prices you will charge. Employers are also looking for talented developers to build out custom themes for their clients. Indeed is a great website to search for a job in Shopify Theme Development. If you want to see a guide on how to sell your Shopify themes follow this link.

How much Shopify theme developers make

Getting hired as a Shopify developer could net you a decent salary. On average, a Shopify theme developer makes about $78,000. $78,000 works out to be about 37 dollars an hour. Selling Shopify themes is also an excellent opportunity to earn income, as your salary could be much greater if you create a popular theme. What’s great about selling themes is that you can make it once and continue earning income over time. If you decide to work for yourself, Freelancing could be worthwhile as your salary depends on how fast your business grows.

How to become a Shopify theme developer

The First thing on the list to becoming a Shopify theme developer is to become a part of the Shopify partners program. The Shopify partner program is a group of marketers, affiliates, and developers who provide services for Shopify merchants. Baing, a part of the Shopify Partners program, will allow you to create themes for Shopify merchants. Becoming a Shopify partner is free of charge; here is the link to the Shopify partner’s program.

It’s good to be familiar with some standard web development technologies before diving into Shopify theme development. Knowing HTML, CSS, and Javascript is essential when getting into Shopify theme development. Youtube is a great place to learn all three of these technologies for free.

Finally, you will have to learn Shopify’s templating language called Liquid. Liquid is a template language created to take dynamic content from a Shopify store and add it to static HTML pages. Shopify made Liquid an easy-to-learn language, so you should pick Liquid up pretty quickly if you know how to code.

Where to learn Shopify Theme development 

If you’re looking for a place to learn Shopify theme development, I’ve put together a list of some excellent courses you could take. These courses will teach you the ins and outs of Shopify theme development.

1.)Codingphase by Joe Santos

If you are interested in a great course to learn liquid try out Shopify Theme Development by CodingPhase. Codingphase by Joe Santos teaches you all about the liquid programming language as you code alongside him to create a theme. I highly recommend this course as it’s easy to follow and has tons of useful information. We recommend subscribing to the diamond plan so you can have access to both the Shopify theme development courses and Shopify app development courses, while also getting access to a huge collection of programming courses you can take. You can also buy courses individually but you will end up spending more money than if you boughtt the diamond plan and got access to all of the Codingphase courses. If you want to get access to the Shopify theme development course and a huge collection of courses check out Codingphase at this link.

2.)Shopify Theme Development by Bernard Polidario-Udemy

“Great course overall, Bernard really helped us get exposed to fundamentals of Shopify theme code and a few pitfalls that you might run into while developing Shopify theme, also the tricks to address those pitfalls”

This quote is just one of Bernard’s many great reviews for his work on this course. Shopify theme development by Bernard is trendy on Udemy and is a best seller. Occasionally, Udemy offers courses for sale; if you’re lucky, you could find this course at a considerable discount. Bernard teaches you all about the liquid programming language as you code alongside him to create a theme. Here is the link to the course on Udemy.

3.)Shopify Liquid Crash Course – Youtube

If you want to learn Liquid and don’t feel like spending any money, the Shopify Liquid Crash course is a great course on youtube. The instructor’s name is Chris, and throughout the course, he walks you through the basics of the Liquid programming language. It’s surprisingly in-depth for a free class, and I recommend this for a quick guide on Liquid. Here is the link to the youtube video.

4.) Shopify Partner Academy

Becoming a Shopify Partner gives you access to Shopify’s Partner Academy. Shopify’s Partner Academy is a bundle of guides that cover all things Shopify. Here you can find some helpful guides on Shopify theme Development. In addition, when you enter the course, they will provide you with many links and resources that will teach you the basics of Shopify development. Most of these resources are written text, so it can get tedious going through their documentation. Still, their guides are very resourceful and well-written. When you are finished learning all you can about Shopify theme development, Partner Academy offers a certification exam that’s great to show to clients and employers. Here’s a link to Shopify’s website so you can become a Shopify partner.

Why you should become a Shopify theme developer ( quick video )

Final Thoughts

With Shopify’s over 1million users, there’s a significant need for Shopify theme developers. Make sure to join the Shopify partner’s program to get started as a theme developer; here is the link. There is no better time to start your career as a Shopify Theme Developer. To get more Shopify developer tips see our developer posts here.

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