Pagefly Vs Shogun: Who is the #1 Page Builder?

When creating a Shopify store, you may become a tad discouraged by the lack of options. The templates may not be your thing, and you wish you had more customization. If that sounds like you, then it’s time to head to the Shopify App Store. 

There, you can download apps like Pagefly and Shogun. They allow you to create detailed landing pages from scratch. Both apps give you the capability to create a landing page that caters to your tastes. 

Yet, it can be unclear which app is best for designing your landing pages. Should you go with Pagefly or Shogun?

That’s why we’re here to make a direct comparison of the two most popular page builders on Shopify. Read on to learn our recommendation for the winner between Pagefly Vs. Shogun. 

Page Builder Interface

First, we’ll compare the interface of both apps. Pagefly and Shogun each have their own page builders, so let’s check out each one. 

Pagefly Page Builder 

Pagefly features a user-friendly page-building interface. It makes use of simple drag-and-drop tools to design your page. You have over 40 individual page elements to use, as well as over 50 templates. With Pagefly, you can create:

  • Standard pages
  • Home pages
  • Collection pages
  • Product pages
  • Blog posts
  • FAQ page
  • Password pages

The app equips you with all the tools you need to build an effective sales funnel. Since it’s effortless to use, even beginners can design impressive landing pages. 

‘Elements’ are the unique building blocks for each page. Due to the drag-and-drop nature of the builder, you can experiment with the layout freely. You do so by placing ‘blocks’ that contain content. The content could be pictures, text, videos, or whatever else you want. 

Pagefly also lets you change the preferences of each page. You can select:

  • ID settings
  • Device visibility
  • Set click actions (such as a portion of content containing a link to another page)
  • More

In addition, you can add buttons, icons, and even QR codes with ease. Pagefly allows you to add all sorts of media such as YouTube clips and more. You can also directly embed your social media accounts. More advanced features include:

  • Countdown timers
  • MailChimp forms
  • Google Maps
  • Custom HTML
  • Slideshows

As you can see, Pagefly has a myriad of easy-to-use features with its drag-and-drop editor. Now, let’s take a look at Shogun’s page builder. 

Shogun’s Page Builder 

Shogun is another page builder that allows you to create gorgeous landing pages. There’s an extensive range of attractive templates you can use. You can also install split-testing and use a page scheduler. Shogun includes analytics without having to use a third-party app. 

While its page builder is slightly more robust, it’s also more complicated to use. It still incorporates a drag-and-drop design, but not as gracefully as Pagefly. 

Where it shines is its analytics and templates. You can create:

  • Home pages
  • Blog pages
  • FAQ pages

When you have chosen what kind of page you will create you can choose to add the following to your page

  • Countdowns
  • Forms
  • Icons
  • Headings
  • Videos
  • Images

You can also edit the structure of your page by adding columns, sections, tabs, and more. 

Comparing Page Builders 

Now that you know the features of both, here’s a direct comparison:

  • Pagefly’s editor is user-friendly and has a vast amount of features
  • Shogun’s builder is more extensive but slightly harder to use 
  • Pagefly uses ‘blocks’ of content to add engaging content to the page
  • Shogun has a wide range of beautiful templates
  • Pagefly allows you to add media, mail forms, and others effortlessly 

Pricing Plans 

Next, we’ll compare the pricing plans for both platforms. 

Pagefly’s Pricing

Free Version

Pagefly stands out in that there is a free version of the program available. With the free version, you get the following features:

  • Over 15 templates
  • Standard page elements
  • One saved section
  • Three-page limit
  • Page outline and new regular page

If all you need is a simple landing page and about us page, the free plan is for you. It doesn’t get more cost-effective than free, and you can access a powerful and intuitive editor. Since Pagefly is so easy to use, even the least experienced designers can create landing pages. 


Coming in at $9.95 a month is Pagefly’s Pro plan. It includes everything that you get in the free program, plus:

  • Over 40 templates
  • Advanced page elements
  • Up to five saved sections
  • No page limits
  • Product page add-ons
  • New home page
  • Autosaving

That is an ideal plan for your standard Shopify store. You’ll gain all the features that you need to create a sales funnel. Before you know it, you’ll have designed an attractive series of landing pages. 


Next is Pagefly’s Premium plan, which runs $29.95 per month. It features everything in the Pro plan plus:

  • 20 saved sections
  • Collection page add-ons
  • Coming soon pages
  • Blog posts
  • Import/export pages
  • Slideshow elements
  • Version history

That sums it up for the pricing plans of Pagefly. The free version comes in handy for shop owners that aren’t looking for much. The Pro version offers enough value for the primary Shopify store owner. More robust stores will benefit from the Premium plan. 

Shogun’s Pricing Plan 

Build Plan 

Shogun is by far the more expensive of the two. Yet, it does contain more extensive features. The basic plan starts at $39 per month. You’ll get the following features:

  • Page builder
  • All page types
  • Over 30 unique page templates
  • Screen size design features
  • SEO controls
  • Email support
  • 2 user accounts


Next is their Measure plan at $99 per month. It comes with everything in the Build plan plus:

  • Analytics suite
  • CMS and page syncing
  • Content schedules
  • Dev tools
  • 4 accounts
  • Email and live chat 


Their most expensive plan is a whopping $149 per month. It includes everything from the Measure plan plus:

  • AB testing
  • 6 accounts 

Pagefly Vs. Shogun: Pricing 

So Pagefly is clearly the more affordable of the two. Shogun does have a wide variety of features, including analytics and testing. Yet, there’s not much reason to spring for their more expensive plans. Pagefly’s Premium plan is still affordable enough for most Shopify stores. 

Pagefly Vs Shogun ( quick video )

Our Recommendation 

Okay, so now it’s time for the overall verdict for Pagefly Vs. Shogun. We pick Pagefly due to its affordability, user-friendliness, and unique features. Pagefly contains all that you need to design a custom Shopify store without going broke. That’s why it gets our pick for the ultimate page builder to use on Shopify. To try out Pagefly for free you can follow this link.

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