Is Shopify Good for eCommerce? (The Answer Is Yes)

Global eCommerce sales reached $26.7 trillion in 2020! These sales made up 19% of all retail sales around the world, up 3% from 2019. And with global eCommerce app downloads rising by 48%, this industry seems set to continue rising in popularity.

But is Shopify good for eCommerce? The short answer is yes! Shopify provides online merchants with a far-reaching and easy-to-use platform that currently powers over 500,000 businesses across 175 countries.

Interested in learning more? Keep reading as we explore some of the top reasons why Shopify is a great option for anybody wishing to step into the world of eCommerce!

Benefits of the Shopify Platform

Is Shopify good for eCommerce? Is Shopify a good investment? Is Shopify Payments good for quick and secure transactions? These are some of the questions you’re probably asking yourself as you consider the eCommerce platform that is right for your business.

As a dedicated eCommerce builder, Shopify aims to provide its users with the tools and support they need to set up and run their online business. You don’t need coding skills or in-depth knowledge of HTML or other computer language mechanics.

Shopify gives its users access to:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Affordable pricing ranging from $29-299 per month
  • 10+ free themes and 50+ premium themes
  • Access to 1,200+ apps

In other words, this CMS (content management system) provides you with all the basics that you need to get started!

Shopify Payments

Transaction fees can create a major problem for many online retailers, especially smaller businesses that may be struggling to make a profit. Luckily, Shopify offers a payment processing module that is free: Shopify Payments.

But is Shopify Payments good? Absolutely! For starters, it supports over 100 different payment options, thereby giving you access to a much wider market.

Shopify Payments comes included with any account and is simple to set up. With just a few clicks, users can be ready to begin selling. And most importantly, it’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and offers 3D secure checkouts with payment data encryption.

Your customers can feel comfortable in the knowledge that their payment information is being kept safe and you can feel the same way about your business data.

Suitable for Different Business Types

Is Shopify good for small businesses? Can you use Shopify regardless of whether you’re selling physical goods, digital content, or subscription services? You’ll be happy to hear that the answer to both these questions is a resounding YES!

Shopify caters to small and large businesses alike! By allowing users to integrate across different platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Amazon), everybody can benefit from the reach of this market.

You can take advantage of the Shopify inventory module which is perfect for any business selling physical goods. But Shopify can also be used by businesses that dropship or sell digital content. Users can also benefit from the website’s business reporting and accounting options.

If you live a busy lifestyle and are worried about the time commitment of using Shopify, it’s worth noting that users can set up autoresponder email integrations that allow you to manage your business through simple email instructions.

Marketing for Beginners

Smaller businesses may be worried about the marketing side of things. Marketing can be costly and isn’t always effective. But Shopify offers some basic marketing options that allow even the smallest businesses to save money.

Mark James Kelly on Trustpilot describes Shopify as “Hands down the best eCommerce solution for small businesses!”

The built-in marketing tools, which include a blogging module, allow businesses to add all the information that potential customers may need. Being able to create unique URLs and edit your titles, META titles, and META descriptions can help your pages rank higher on search engines.

Shopify offers marketing campaigns, such as routine e-mails, shout-outs, and follow-ups. By using some of the third-party apps available on the Shopify store, your business can easily run its own marketing strategies with minimal effort. Not to mention the available SEO tools!

Search Engine Optimization

Shopify comes with a wide range of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that can help with this process. For example, whenever you add new products or create new pages, Shopify will provide useful hints for following the best SEO practices.

Users can take advantage of Shopify’s reporting tools to see how well their SEO strategies are working. You’ll be able to see what’s working (and what isn’t). Shopify also has a built-in analytics tool to check your website’s performance.

If that’s not enough, Google Analytics can provide a more in-depth review of your website, including sales tracking and behavior analysis.

14-Day Free Trial

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial where you can create a free trial pack to test out the website. Unlike other trials, you will be able to experience all of Shopify’s features during your trial period.

For example, you can change the design of your website, create product pages (and product variations), experiment with different settings and options, and more!

The only limitation is that your website won’t be live until you pay for a Shopify membership. So, even though you can have the website ready to go, nobody will be able to see it or purchase from it during the trial period.

Is Shopify Good for eCommerce? ( quick video )

Is Shopify Good for eCommerce?

So, is Shopify good for eCommerce? Given that setting up your website doesn’t require an understanding of coding or website design, and 24/7 support means you won’t be left in the dark, it seems the answer is “YES!”. Marketing strategies, SEO features, and multiple payment options also mean you can reach a larger market.

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