How To Market a Shopify App (Tips for Increasing Downloads)

So you’ve worked hard and created an original app for Shopify. Your app will add time-saving functionalities to tons of stores, and you know it will be a success. The only problem is that nobody knows about it right now. Sure, you can upload it to the Shopify App Store, but that in itself isn’t a promotion. If you don’t market your creation, your app will disappear among the thousands of others. 

That’s why we’re here to teach you how to market a Shopify app. You’ll learn how to get the word out about what you’ve done to increase your downloads. Read on to discover our top methods for marketing a Shopify app. 

Copy is King 

The quickest and easiest step that you can take is to write some stellar copy. You’ll get the chance to write about your program on the App Store, so take full advantage of the opportunity. Be as clear and concise as possible when describing your app’s features. 

It’s crucial to avoid complicated language. Don’t try to go over merchant’s heads with fancy tech terms. Instead, make it easy to see why downloading your app is a no-brainer. 

Address user pain points in your copy, and explain how your app mitigates them. Say that you’ve created an app that makes it easier for merchants to convert users into customers. In a nutshell, it transforms their storefront into a sales funnel. 

A great way to advertise it is to write copy like this:

  • “Tired of poor bounce rates and losing potential customers? Then download my app to turn clicks into customers in no time.”

That keeps it simple and lets users know what the app is all about. 

Use Automated Marketing 

Since marketing can take time, why not automate it? That way, you’ll be marketing your app passively while you focus on other things. Automated marketing is a great technique to use to increase downloads for your app. So how can you do it? Well, a quick and easy way is to write an informative blog post. 

This post will detail the pain points and problems that your app solves. Don’t go for a hard-sell here. Instead, be as educational and informative as possible. 

From there, share your page on relevant messaging boards. Find Reddit pages that pertain to your particular niche. Post your blog pages, and then let them do their thing. You should also share your blog posts on relevant social media platforms. 

Finally, make use of images in your blog posts. A relevant picture will do a lot to increase readability. Share your blogs everywhere that you can, including on Medium and The Practical Dev. 

Once your posts are up, they will market your app without you having to raise another finger. This type of automated marketing and sharing will do a lot for getting the word out about your new Shopify app.

Source Some Positive Testimonials 

In learning how to market a Shopify app, testimonials are a significant element. If your app has social proof, it will do better than those that don’t. Case studies and user testimonials are excellent marketing tools that you can use. All you need to do is allow a group to beta test your app. Afterward, collect some case studies. Let your users tell you what they liked the most and how using the app helped them. 

Also, testimonials are a must. They will help users gain faith in your app and can convince them to try it out. Where can you get testimonials? Social media is one source that comes to mind. Let some social media users try out your app for free in exchange for a review. 

Be sure to highlight your most positive testimonials on your app page on Shopify. That will do a lot to make your app stand out amongst a crowd of other similar apps. 

Use Images and Videos 

When describing your app on the App Store, be as visual as possible. Snappy and attractive copy is essential, but videos and images are even more critical. That’s because most users would rather see a picture or watch a video than read a wall of text. If your app doesn’t have any visual media showing it off, your downloads will suffer as a result. That’s why attractive images that show off how your app works are so helpful. The same goes for videos. 

If you have a brief video describing your app and how it works, users will love it. They would much rather watch a short video instead of reading the description. 

It’s essential not to make your users have to overthink when marketing your app. That’s why being as visual as possible helps out so much. Try to produce as many images and videos as you can for your app page. 

Nail Your App’s Icon

This is a big one; try to make your icon as catchy and memorable as possible. That will do a lot to make your app stand out from countless others. Think about the icons for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. They’re iconic and instantly recognizable, and that’s no accident. 

It would be best if you placed a lot of importance on designing your icon. You can think of it as the business card for your app. It’s the visual first impression that users will get of your app. As a result, your icon needs to be attractive, professional, and memorable. 

Designing your app icon is a huge part of building your brand. Try hiring a designer to work with you in creating one. When designing an icon, be as original as you possibly can. You don’t want to try to copy existing icons, as that’s the worst thing you can do. Instead, be bold, be visual, and be unique to your app and what it does. 

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How To Market a Shopify App ( quick video )

Breaking Things Down

Okay, so that’s how to market a Shopify app. To sum things up, you need to use some marketing techniques to start selling your app. Try to be visual, write excellent copy, and design a memorable icon. When you combine that with blog posts, you should see a significant increase in downloads. Check out our guide to get some great tips on building a Shopify app at this link. To get more Shopify developer tips see our developer posts here.

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