How to Create An Awesome Mega Menu on Shopify

Page visibility is a concern for Shopify stores with many products and categories. If that sounds like your store – the average navigation bar won’t cut it. You’ve got a lot more on your store than a homepage, about us, and services page.

How do you let customers know about all the clothing categories you sell? What’s a reliable way to list out all the brands you carry?

You can solve all these problems by using a mega menu. What’s that? It’s a drop-down navigation menu that lets you display everything in your store. You can even include pictures to make things even easier to navigate.

If you want to learn how to add a mega menu to your Shopify store – you’re in the right place. Here’s how to create an awesome mega menu on Shopify.

Using Debutify to Create High-Quality Mega Menus

We highly recommend downloading Debutify to take advantage of its mega menu add-on. It grants you the ability to add and fully customize mega menus in your store.

Debutify is a conversion-boosting e-commerce app that comes with 54 unique add-ons. These add-ons essentially double as apps themselves. In fact – you can save a boatload of money on app subscriptions by switching to Debutify.

It’s an all-in-one package that you can use to create an online store, find success, and scale it.

The mega menu add-on is only one of the helpful add-ons you’ll get by downloading Debutify. Once you download the app, you’ll need to enable the add-on to design mega menus.

Enabling the Mega Menu Add-on in Debutify

The first step is to head to Debutify’s homepage. Navigate to the Header section (3rd one down from the top) on the sidebar and click on it.

You’ll see a few editable fields here. The first one is the ‘Add Content’ button. Click on it – and select the mega menu. You’ll then redirect to a settings section under Mega Menu. Underneath navigation link name and link position – you’ll see the Menu section.

Click Select Menu and then choose Mega Menu from the list. After that, you’ll need to navigate back to the settings tab. From there, hit the Select Product button underneath the Select Menu button.

You can add up to three products here. What does this do? It displays an image for each product in the mega menu. That gives your customers a little preview of what they can expect from your product pages.

Underneath the products, you can add an image for your mega menu. If you don’t have an image in mind, you have the option to browse stock images online through Debutify.

Lastly, the Link position slider bar determines the position for your mega menu on the top menu. Sliding the bar to the left or right will slide the mega menu link in either direction. You can choose whether you want it next to Home, Products, About, or other links.

Setting Up and Customizing the Mega Menu

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Now that the mega menu is activated – it’s time to start putting your personal touches on it. Like other add-ons – Debutify grants you the ability to customize your mega menu fully.

To set it up – you’ll need to back out into Shopify. Scroll down to Sales Channels > Online Store > Navigation from the admin page.

You’ll see your mega menu listed among your other menus on the right-hand side of the Navigation page.

Click on the Mega Menu link to see all its customizable options. You can choose a unique title for your mega menu here – as well as add new menu items.

Adding a new menu item will add a new product page or category to your mega menu. If you have a lot of content to display on your mega menu – this is where you need to add it. Don’t forget to include all the collections, product pages, and other links you want to have here.

The mega menu add-on is excellent because you can link to lower-level pages as well. It’s your chance to layout every single page that’s on your store if you so desire. Or, if you prefer a minimalist approach – you can only choose to include the bare essentials. When you add a new menu item, you’ll get to choose a title for it and provide the URL for the link.

Beyond that – you can add links within links. Let’s say that you have a general link called ‘Products’ within your mega menu. Since that’s vague – you want to specify more products when users click on a drop-down menu.

Debutify lets you do that by adding menu items to existing menu items. Simply click the carrot next to the menu item – or hit the Add Menu Item button at the bottom.

Why Download Debutify?

Now that you know how to add a mega menu – you may be asking yourself why you need Debutify. The fact is that you can get rid of so many apps on your store by downloading Debutify. The 54 add-ons alone are worth signing up to try it out. You can add conversion boosters, shopping enhancers, visual tweaks, and so much more.

Here’s a look at some of Debutify’s other add-ons:

  • Smart Search. You can add an internal search to your Shopify store with this add-on. You can fully customize how your search bar looks and the results it displays.
  • Upsell Bundles. Sometimes it’s hard to move products that don’t sell very often. A great way to make it easier is to sell bundles. Debutify lets you enable upsell bundle pop-ups to encourage customers to buy more than one item.
  • Sales Countdown. Is there only one day left for your big holiday sale? Debutify lets you add a countdown timer next to products on sale to remind customers they have limited time.

If your interested in trying out Debutify visit this link here.

Key Takeaways: How to Create An Awesome Mega Menu on Shopify

By now, you should better understand the effectiveness of mega menus. You should also know that Debutify is the quickest and easiest way to set one up and customize it to reflect your branding. Beyond that, Debutify is a must-have app for any Shopify merchant seeking better site performance.

For more great content to help you develop your Shopify strategies, check out the rest of the merchant posts on the site. If you want to see a list of our top recommended Shopify apps visit this link here.

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