How to Add an Instagram Feed to Your Shopify Store

Shopify and Instagram are two of the leading platforms for selling products online. 

Shopify is an e-commerce behemoth that grants you the ability to create an online store. Instagram is an image-driven social media app that’s a marketing powerhouse. 

Since they both complement one another – combining them would be highly beneficial. You can use Shopify to sell your products while building your brand on Instagram. 

That’d be great – but is it actually possible?

Yes, it is. With the help of Debutify – you can integrate your Instagram feed into your storefront. Here’s how to add an Instagram feed to your Shopify store. 

Using Debutify’s Instagram Add-On Feature 

First – you’ll need to start by downloading Debutify. It’s a theme available through their website. 

It’s a powerful theme that you can use to design stores, boost conversions, and scale your store. Moreover, it has an add-on that allows you to embed your Instagram timeline to your storefront. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get it done. 

Step #1: Creating a Facebook App 

You’ll need to create a Facebook app for this to work. Don’t worry – it’s far more accessible than it sounds. Head over to Facebook for Developers to get started. 

Go to My Apps and then select Create New App

  • From the App Type menu – select Consumer and hit Continue. 
  • On the Create an App page, enter the name of your app in the App Display Name textbox. 
  • (Optional) Include your email and link your Business Manager Account if you have one. 

Step #2: Configure Instagram’s Basic Display

Now, you should be at a page that says ‘Add Products to Your App.’ From here – scroll down to find the product ‘Instagram Basic Display.’

  • Click the Set Up button underneath the product. 
  • On the next page, scroll to the bottom and select Create New App.

A form will appear that has a lot of fields to enter. Here are the ones that you’ll need to enter:

  • Instagram Display Name. In this field, type in the name of the Facebook App you created. 
  • Valid OAuth Redirect URLs. Here, you’ll need to enter the URL of your Shopify store. 
  • Deauthorize Callback URL. You’ll need to enter a URL that’s equipped to handle de-authorization notifications. For now, you can enter the URL of your Shopify store again – just know that you’ll need to change it in the future. 
  • Data Deletion Request URL. Enter your Shopify store URL one final time. Down the line – you’ll need to change it to a URL able to handle data deletion requests. 
  • App Review for Instagram Basic Display. You’ll need to select ‘Instagram_graph_user_profile.’ Afterward, hit the Add to Submission Button. 
  • Lastly, save the changes to generate a token

Step #3: Add the Token to Instagram Add-On Settings 

The final step is to open the Debutify Instagram add-on from your Shopify dashboard. On the sidebar on the left – enter the access token you generated from steps 1 & 2. 

Once you save the changes, you’re all set. Now your Instagram feed will appear on your Shopify store for your users to check out. 

Why Bother Adding Your Instagram Feed?

Now that you know how to add an Instagram feed to your store – you may wonder why it’s worth the trouble. Well, you should know that marketing through social media has a myriad of benefits. Among them is increasing customer engagement and improving brand recognition. 

By including your Instagram feed – you get the chance to build your brand while your customer’s shop. 

That will help them feel more connected and engaged with your brand. 

Those aren’t the only benefits involved with marketing through social media, either. Here’s a look at some of the top benefits you’ll enjoy from integrating your Instagram feed.

Increased Conversion Rates

The visibility granted by social media provides ample conversion opportunities. That’s why the mantra ‘content is king’ pops up in our culture so often. 

Each image and post you make on Instagram is a chance for users to check out your store. That will increase your traffic and generate more sales. 

Integrating social media may be the remedy if you’re having a hard time converting your customers. Likely, your customers don’t feel engaged enough with your content. When they see Instagram posts and images – they’ll have something engaging to enjoy. 

Improving Brand Loyalty 

Social media is unique because it grants you the ability to form a bond with your customers. That’s one of the leading factors behind brand loyalty – something every business should desire. A loyal customer base will carry your store through thick and thin. 

Interactive social media posts from Instagram are a great way to bond with your audience. The keyword in that sentence is ‘interactive.’ Try to come up with polls, questionnaires, and surveys for your customers. That way – they’re interacting with your brand and getting to do something. 

An Affordable Form of Marketing 

Signing up for an Instagram account is free. Not many forms of marketing are as cost-effective as that. For this reason, social media marketing is something every business should use since there’s no cost. Even when you do have to pay to advertise on social media – the rates are lower than other forms of advertising. Adding your Instagram feed to your Shopify store won’t cost you a dime – but it can lead to increased sales and loyalty. 

Increased Brand Authority 

In addition to loyalty, brand authority is equally as important. Customers are far more likely to trust a company that seems authoritative and knowledgeable. Social media posts are one of the top ways to increase your authority. Posts and images that educate and spread awareness are the most effective in this regard. 

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Closing Thoughts: How to Add an Instagram Feed to Your Shopify Store 

By now – you should know how to add an Instagram feed and why doing so is effective. Social media is a marketing goldmine – so integrating it into your store should be a no-brainer. With the help of Debutify, you can quickly and easily integrate your Instagram feed to your storefront.

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