How to Add an Agree to Terms Checkbox on Shopify

If you’re going to sell products online – it’s imperative to protect yourself. Shop protection goes beyond cybersecurity, too. You’ll need to protect your store from legal action as well.

One of the most reliable ways to avoid lawsuits is to devise a term of agreements contract.

We’ve all seen them – the ‘click here to agree to our terms’ button that everyone hits without reading. While they may seem like an unnecessary annoyance – they serve a real purpose. As a store owner – you have a lot of incentive to add terms agreements to your online store for protection.

Yet – how do you add a terms and conditions contract on Shopify? Stay tuned to find out the answer to that question. Here’s how to add an agree to terms checkbox on Shopify.

Using Debutify to Add a Terms and Conditions Contract on Shopify

Without a doubt, the best way to add a contract is through Debutify. What’s that? It’s a powerhouse conversion-boosting e-commerce theme available on their website. Debutify is revolutionary due to its 54 unique add-ons.

These add-ons include tools like mega menus, upsell bundles and cart discounts. In other words, its add-ons are like apps in themselves.

We’re constantly telling everyone to download Debutify for this very reason. The chances are high that you have apps on your store that you can get rid of once you get Debutify.

That will free up space, save you money, and improve your store’s performance.

The best part is that each add-on is entirely customizable – and you can toggle them on and off. So if there are a few that you don’t want to use, you don’t have to at all. At the same time, that functionality remains there should you ever need it.

This article will focus on the Agree to Terms add-on from Debutify. It allows you to quickly and easily add a terms and conditions contract to your store. Customers will have to agree to the contract before making a purchase. That will protect you from lawsuits and other issues that could arise without a contract.

Once you download Debutify – you’ll need to enable the add-on to start using it. Otherwise, you won’t see a contract on your checkout page.

Enabling the Agree to Terms Add-On in Debutify

Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to your Theme Settings. On the sidebar, scroll down until you come across Debutify Add-Ons.

Click on it to see a complete list of all the Debutify add-ons. Scroll down to the 3rd option – which is Agree to Terms. Check the box next to it to enable the app so you can start using it.

Whenever customers go to checkout – they’ll have to agree to your terms and conditions first. That will give you the protection to avoid lawsuits and other legal troubles.

Yet – the terms and conditions are default right now. You’ll need to take further steps to add your particular contract to the app. Not only that, but you can fully customize the look and feel of the add-on.

Customizing the Agree to Terms Add-On in Debutify

Navigate to your Theme Settings again. This time – Agree to Terms will have its own section with a gear icon next to it. Click on it to bring up the fields you can customize in your store.

Under Settings, there are two fields you can edit. The first one is called Text After Checkbox. It refers to the text that shows up next to the ‘I agree’ checkbox.

The default message says, ‘I agree with the terms & conditions,’ but you can change it to whatever you want. That gives you the chance to reinforce branded messages too.

Beyond customizing the text, you can also use bold or italics to make the message stand out more.

The next box you can edit is the Warning Text field. This text box shows up underneath the ‘I agree’ checkbox. The default message is, ‘You must agree with the terms and conditions of sales to check out.’ Once again, you can customize it to say whatever you want.

It’s crucial to let your customers know that they will not be able to buy products from your store unless they click that box. That’s why the warning text is so necessary. Otherwise, customers may become confused about why they can’t checkout with their products.

A Look at Debutify’s Other Add-Ons

Now that you know how to add a terms and conditions contract – let’s look at some of Debutify’s other features. 53 other add-ons will enhance your user experience, generate more sales, and protect your store.

Add-ons get divided into five categories for your convenience. They are:

  • Cart maximizers
  • Conversion triggers
  • Loyalty builders
  • Shopping enhancers
  • Shop protectors

As you can see – there’s a category for everything. Whenever you need a new functionality – check out the categories first. Do you want to generate more sales? Then it would help if you had a conversion booster. Do you want to build a long-term relationship with customers? Then you need loyalty builders – and so on.

Here’s a glimpse at some helpful add-ons:

  • Color Swatches. Do you sell multiple variants of a product in different colors? If so, then you’ve probably had a hard time reflecting that in Shopify. Thankfully, Debutify eliminates that pain point with this intuitive add-on.
  • Inventory Quantity. Want to find a way to boost your sales for this month? Use this add-on to display how many products you have left in stock (hint: make it not that many) to instill a sense of urgency.
  • Mega Menu. If you have a massive website – it may be tough to fit everything on the nav bar at the top. That’s where this add-on comes to save the day. A mega menu will expand when clicked to include a link to every page on the store.

Final Takeaways: How to Add An Agree to Terms Checkbox On Shopify

Now that you know how to add an agree to terms checklist – you’ll stay protected from legal issues. Remember, you should grant your customers the ability to read your T&C contract before signing it. That’s the best way to ensure that the agreement is indeed legally binding. Also, don’t forget to download Debutify to take advantage of all its incredible add-ons.

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