How to Add a Newsletter Pop Up on Shopify?

Having a newsletter is one of the most reliable ways to build customer loyalty. They also increase your credibility – and they’re a great way to attract new customers. As far as marketing goes, starting a newsletter is one of the lowest risk things you can do – yet it has a high reward.

You can also use your newsletter to run exclusive promotions and deals for those that sign up. That adds an extra layer of exclusivity to your newsletter – which is a good thing.

If you sell products online through Shopify, you may want to start a newsletter to promote them. The only problem is, how do you do that? Shopify lacks a built-in newsletter feature, so what should you do? Luckily, that’s the question we’re here to answer today. Here’s how to add a newsletter pop-up on Shopify.

Using Debutify to Add a Newsletter Pop-Up to Shopify

To make things easy on yourself – we highly recommend downloading Debutify. It’s a fantastic conversion-boosting app available for download on the Shopify App Store.

Debutify is a revolutionary app in that it contains ‘add-ons,’ which are essentially apps themselves.

Its add-ons can add newslettersmega menusInstagram feeds, and so much more.

Since its release – we’ve been encouraging storefront owners to download Debutify. That’s because they can get rid of so many other apps by downloading Debutify and using its add-ons.

How much do you spend each month via app subscriptions? Is it in the hundreds? Thousands?

If you download Debutify – you can drastically cut back on that expense. Its built-in add-ons will cover you for building, growing, and scaling your store.

In this article, we’ll focus on using the Newsletter Pop-Up add-on. Like all the other add-ons, you need to enable it first. Debutify lets you toggle each of its add-ons on and off at your leisure. That way – you can use what you want and leave the rest for a rainy day. Even if you don’t use all its functionalities – it’s still good to have them there just in case.

Enabling the Newsletter Pop-Up Add-On in Debutify

First, log in to Shopify and go to Debutify. On the sidebar – navigate to Theme Settings. Next, you’ll need to scroll down to find Debutify Add-Ons.

Click on it to see a drop-down list of all the available add-ons in Debutify. Each add-on has a checkbox next to it for activation.

Scroll down until you find the newsletter pop-up add-on, and check the box next to it. That will effectively turn it ‘on’ so that you can start using it.

Next, back out of the Debutify Add-Ons tab back to Theme Settings. Now, there will be an individual section for the Newsletter Pop-Up add-on. Click on it to bring up the settings for the add-on.

Customizing the Newsletter Pop-Up Add-On in Debutify

There are various fields that you can edit here. These include the Floating Bar Settings, Pop-Up Settings, and more.

The first decision you’ll need to make is if you want a time-based pop-up or an exit intent pop-up. Here’s a brief explanation of each.

A time-based pop-up will appear on the screen after an invisible timer reaches zero. For example, if you set the timer to 30 seconds, your newsletter pop-up will display 30 seconds after a customer clicks on your site.

An exit intent pop-up will show on the screen if the customer is about to leave. That gives you one last chance to convert them into signing up for your newsletter. That can also help you land sales from them further down the line.

If you want to use a time-based trigger, scroll down to Trigger Settings.

Check the box next to ‘Enable time-based trigger‘ to turn it on. Underneath, you’ll find a slider bar called ‘Trigger timeout (seconds),’ and you can use it to set the time. It’s in seconds, and you can make it as short or as long as you want.

If you’d rather go with an exit intent pop-up – it’s effortless to do. All you need to do is uncheck the box next to ‘enable time-based trigger’ to disable it. It will default to an exit intent pop-up when it’s not turned on.

Another way to display your newsletter is through the floating bar. It’s a bar on the side of the page that moves with you as you scroll down – hence ‘floating.’

You can customize the message on the bar to entice customers to click on it. A great technique is to use a statement like ‘Get 20% Off All Products’ to attract customers. You should always offer some sort of incentive for signing up for your newsletter.

Here’s how to adjust the floating bar settings.

At the top of the Newsletter Pop-Up settings sidebar – you’ll see Floating Bar Settings.

There are two checkboxes here – one to activate the feature and one to hide it on mobile. If you choose not to enable it, no floating bar will display on your screen.

Other editable fields include the bar’s position, the text, and the icon. There are several available icons that Debutify has available, or you can upload a custom one.

The final way to customize your newsletter is to edit the actual pop-up itself.

To do that, scroll down to Pop-Up Settings on the sidebar. Here – you can choose a custom image for it and customize its positioning. You can add a unique title for the pop-up and personalize the message.

You can also edit the text for the ‘close’ button. That is your chance to deter customers from not signing up. You can change it to something like ‘No thanks, I don’t like free gifts’ to let customers know what they’re missing.

If your interested in trying out Debutify follow this link here.

Final Takeaways: How to Add a Newsletter Pop-Up on Shopify

By now – you should know how to use Debutify to add a customizable newsletter pop-up. It’s an effective and reliable way to get new customers to sign up for your newsletter. Debutify grants you complete control over every aspect of this add-on, as they do with all 53 others. If you want to improve every part of your Shopify store – don’t wait to download Debutify. To see our full guide on how to do email marketing on Shopify follow this link.

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