How to Add a Beautiful FAQ Page to Your Shopify Store

Does your Shopify store contain a frequently asked questions page? If not – then you’re missing out on a lot more than addressing customer inquiries. There are many benefits involved with FAQ pages. 

These include increased SEO rankings, reducing complaints, and alleviating purchase anxiety. 

An FAQ page also shows that you care about your customers. Yet – not all FAQ pages are created equal. To do it right, you’ll need to get into the hearts and minds of your customers. That takes some diligent research when it comes to creating your FAQ page. If you want to learn how to do it the right way – we’re here to help. Here’s a simple guide for how to add a beautiful FAQ page to your Shopify store. 

Use Debutify to Create a Stunning FAQ Page Quickly

If you want to make things easy on yourself – we recommend downloading Debutify. It has an FAQ page add-on that gives you all the tools you need to create a fantastic page. Beyond this add-on, the app has many excellent features to enhance any storefront. 

Once you download the app, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to set up your FAQ page. First, you’ll need to Debutify > Theme Settings

From there, scroll down to find the FAQ add-on. Ensure that you check the checkbox next to it to enable it on your Shopify store. 

Once that’s done, you’ll have a full-fledged FAQ page on your store – complete with lots of customization. 

There’s even a convenient search bar at the top of your FAQ page. That way – your customers can quickly and easily jump to the question that they need addressing. Beyond that – Debutify has a robust editor for your FAQ pages. Here’s how to find it. 

Customizing Your FAQ Page on Debutify 

Once you enable the FAQ page – it’s time to learn how to edit your page. Head over to Debutify’s homepage, and scroll down to Product Pages. From there – click on FAQ to bring up all the fields that you can edit. These include:

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • An option to toggle the search bar on and off
  • Placeholder
  • An option to turn the banner on and off
  • Banner icon
  • Banner text
  • Customer support message
  • Button label
  • Contact page link

As you can see – there are many ways you can customize your FAQ page with Debutify. The banner at the bottom is a great addition too. The default question asks, “Did you not find the answer to your question?” It then links to your customer support page.

That will address customers with unique questions and direct them where they need to go. That’s a fantastic way to avoid complaints and improve your user experience. 

Debutify has a myriad of helpful add-ons for e-commerce stores if you’re eager to scale your operation and generate new sales. You can add your Instagram feed, add interactive messages, boost your loading speed, and so much more. If your interested in trying out Debutify follow this link.

How to Create a Successful FAQ Page 

Now that you know how to enable and customize an FAQ page with Debutify, you need to write the questions. After all, the quality of your questions will make or break your FAQ page. If you want to reap the benefits of having an FAQ, you should take the questions seriously. 

It’s essential not to assume you know what your customers want to know. Instead, it takes a lot of diligent research to uncover what your customers need to know about your products. 

Discovering Customers’ Most Common Questions 

The first places you should look at are your inbox and customer support tickets. They will contain inquiries from actual customers. When looking through your support tickets, try to identify the issues that come up the most. 

For example, let’s say that numerous emails are asking about how to assemble your product. That’s a sign that you need to address that in one of your questions. It would help if you aimed not only to inform but to address and solve customer pain points. 

Nothing puts a customer’s mind at ease, like finding the perfect answer to their question. That’s why you should put a lot of thought and effort into writing the questions. 

Organize Your FAQ Page 

After a while of doing research – you’ll wind up with a long list of questions. If you insert them all as-is, your FAQ page will look cluttered and will be hard to read. That’s the last thing you want – so it’s essential to organize your page. 

Group similar questions together into categories to make things easy. Here are some of the most common FAQ categories:

  • Shipping
  • Return Policies
  • Order Issues
  • Product FAQs 
  • Common Problems 

Your users will appreciate seeing a tightly organized page. That will make pinpointing the question they need far quicker and easier. 

Benefits of an FAQ Page 

As stated before – there are many reasons why you should create an FAQ page. Here’s a look at the top benefits you’ll enjoy from doing so. 

Saves Time for Your Customer Service Team 

If you don’t have an FAQ page, your customer service team will have to keep answering the same questions repeatedly. Not only is that tedious, but it keeps them from other tasks. To improve their efficiency – help them out by posting an FAQ. 

Saves Time for Your Customers

Your customer support staff aren’t the only ones wasting time searching for answers. Do your customers a solid by saving their time by placing all the answers to their questions in one spot. 

Improves SEO

If you want to enjoy better SEO rankings – an FAQ page will help out. To boost things further, strive to include your targeted keywords on your FAQ page. 

Closing Thoughts 

That’s how to add a beautiful FAQ page to your Shopify store. By downloading Debutify – you can effortlessly add a helpful FAQ page to your store. Doing so will help you improve your user experience, save your support staff time, and improve your SEO. That will lead to more success and more sales in the future.

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