Does Shopify Work with Etsy? How to Connect the Two

Etsy is a top-rated platform for independent artists and crafters to sell their work. Shopify is a huge e-commerce platform that supports businesses of all sizes. Their both industry leaders that can do wonders for your business. If you’re an artist with an Etsy page interested in using Shopify as well, this article is for you.

Shopify has the ability to be integrated with Etsy. They can be connected via an app found in the Shopify marketplace.

We’ll be going over what it takes to have both Shopify and Etsy working in tandem. Making use of both platforms will bring lots of benefits to you as a merchant. Read on to learn how to sync the two together. First, let’s look at how the two platforms complement one another. 

Why Etsy Needs Shopify 

Etsy is a huge platform that has millions of shoppers visiting it each day. It’s become the go-to online selling platform for:

  • Artisans and artists
  • Crafters
  • Handmade jewelry

A big plus to Etsy is that you gain access to its millions of users. If you’re a small crafter of weaved baskets you make at home, it can be hard to find customers in your area. As a result, you won’t make much money trying to start a local business. It would be best if you had a way to show off your baskets to an audience who wants to buy them. 

That’s where Etsy comes into play. With the platform, you can instantly get in front of the eyes of millions. That’s why it’s such a beneficial platform for new entrepreneurs. What went from a doomed business idea can thrive with the help of Etsy. 

Let’s go back to the basket idea. With Etsy, users will search for handcrafted baskets, and your products will show up. Before you know it, you can start selling your baskets to customers around the globe. So why does Etsy need Shopify? What’s the downside of being in front of the eyes of millions of eager buyers? 

The problem lies in being able to build your brand. With Etsy, you aren’t able to create a fully customized online store bearing your logo. Instead, you have to use Etsy’s layout, font, logo, and more. 

Consider this; some interested customers buy your handmade baskets. They love the way they look, and their friends ask where they got them. They’re more likely to say, “I got them on Etsy,” instead of mentioning your brand. 

That’s why many sellers on Etsy love it but wish they had more marketing and brand-building options. After all, to truly thrive online, you need an online store that you built from the ground up. That way, you can make your brand, find loyal customers, and grow by word of mouth and advertising. That’s why Etsy needs a platform like Shopify. 

Why Shopify Needs Etsy

Shopify allows its users to build functional online stores for affordable monthly rates. Their basic plan only costs $29 a month, and it affords a myriad of unique features. There’s a user-friendly website builder, free hosting, and custom themes and apps. Currently, Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. 

With it, you can build an online store with ease. You can control the color scheme, font, layout, and so much more. You can upload original logos and other materials too. In short, Shopify is your golden ticket to an online store. You can start marketing and advertising through the platform. Shopify even offers data analytics to monitor sales and transactions. 

The reason why Shopify needs Etsy is for Etsy’s millions of users. Etsy allows you to reach millions of potential buyers at once. Shopify relies on your marketing and advertising efforts to reach customers. 

That’s why the two make such a powerful duo. You can use Shopify to build your brand while finding quick new customers on Etsy. Utilizing both will help your business grow much faster than only using one. 

How To Sync Etsy With Shopify 

So there are a few ways that you can go about syncing the two. The first option is to import your Etsy products into Shopify. That way, you have your products available on both platforms and accounts at once. That will increase your chances of making more sales. It’s a pretty straightforward process, so here’s how to do it:

  • Head over to your Etsy account and export the listings you have as a CSV file. 
  • From there, open up Shopify. Go from the Shopify Admin > Products > Import, and select the CSV file. 
  • Just like that, you’ll have all your Etsy products listed on your online Shopify store. 

That’s how easy it is to get your Etsy products on your Shopify store. Now that you have your products on both platforms let’s learn how to sync them together to enjoy their combined retail power. 

Using the Shopify App Store 

Okay, so you’ll need to head over to the Shopify App Store. It’s a marketplace where you can download all sorts of helpful third-party apps. One of these apps is:

  • The Etsy Marketplace Integration App 

As the name implies, this app will allow you to integrate Etsy with your Shopify store. This is the app that you’ll want to download to combine them both. This app includes features such as:

  • In-depth product management
  • A currency converter
  • Error reports
  • Seller templates
  • Support 

Here are the steps that you’ll need to take to start using the app. 

  • Step #1: Make sure you have an active Etsy account with a populated store. If you don’t have an account yet, go ahead and sign up for one. 
  • Step #2: Download the Etsy Marketplace Integration App from the Shopify App Store. 
  • Step #3: On the app’s homepage, enter the name of your active Etsy store in the box called ‘Connect with Etsy.’ On the following page, click the ‘Allow Access’ button. That’s all you need to do for the two platforms to start working in tandem. 

To download the Etsy marketplace integration app follow this link.

So that’s the answer to, “Does Shopify work with Etsy?” The answer is a resounding yes, and you should use both platforms to enjoy the most growth.

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Does Shopify Work with Etsy? ( quick video )

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